Patrol Leaders Council 
We’ll have the first PLC with the new SPL this Monday.  All Patrol leaders, or their designated representatives, are required to attend, as well as the Scribe.  6:30 at the church, we’ll have pizza.
Philmont 2020
T131 officially has a 2020 Philmont crew! All attendees need to bring $100.00 to the Monday meeting to reimburse the troop for the deposit.
Wreath Sales
The results are in, and I’ve received word that Troop 131 did an excellent job selling wreaths, over $10,000 Sold!  The Troop appreciates your efforts!  These results help assure that our Troop will be financially strong for another year.
Orienteering/Cold Weather Camping –
I’ve been out of town, so I haven’t gotten the download yet, but from the photos I’ve seen it looks like it was a great trip once again
Boards of Review – November 25th
We are moving it this month due to meeting changes for COH and holidays.
Climb O Ree – November 30 – Last chance!
Do you love Rock Climbing? Do you love Backpacking? Well there is an opportunity to do both on November 30 at Annapolis Rock. A 2 mile hike and then lots of climbing. Talk to me about this if you are interested!
 Notes from the Senior Patrol Leader:
– PATROL LEADERS – It is your responsibility to touch base with your Patrols and be sure that they are paying attention to the Skills Training and working on their Advancement
– CELL PHONE USAGE – Not in the troop meetings, except with very few exceptions when they are being used for advancement or merit badges.
Be Prepared!
SM Bolte


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