Jan 26-28  Freeze-O-Ree at Camp Snyder
Sign up: https://tinyurl.com/T131-Freeze-O-Ree
     The Freeze-o-Ree is an annual Goose Creek District overnight camping event hosted by our District Chapter of the Order of the Arrow. The weekend is filled with fun and skills activities, beginning with camping on Friday night and ending with check-out on Sunday morning (must depart by 10:00 am). Saturday evening’s campfire includes Awards presentations too bountiful to adequately describe here.
     A Horde of Yeti’s – the famed “Abominable Snowman” has descended upon our beloved Camp Snyder. Are  they  friend  or  foe?  We  must  embrace  Yeti  Mania  with  an  amazing  display  of  Scout  Skills,  Fun,  and  an incredible  Campfire,  awesome  enough  to  warm  even  a  Yeti’s  cold  hear Troops who embrace the Yeti Theme will get extra points and special surprises!
Who: Calling all Polar Bear Scouts
What: Goose Creek District Freeze-o-Ree 2024 Yeti Mania!
When: Fri 26 Jan- Sun 28 Jan 2024
Where: Camp Snyder
Why: A Horde of Yeti’s – the famed “Abominable Snowman” has descended upon our beloved Camp Snyder.
Cost: Just $25 for everyone
Feb– It is time for what T-131 does best- BACK–PACK–ING.  We are a backpacking Troop, and we are going back to basics.  Come one come all, it will be a great trip.
Who: All T-131 Scouts
What: Backpacking trip
When: Fri 16 Feb to Sun 18 Feb
Where: Appalachian Trail
Why: Troop-131 is a Backpacking Troop
Cost: Just $10 for everyone
This is a real backpacking trip, not car camping.
Mar 15-17 Shooting Sports at Bull Run
Who: Sharp Eyed Shooters
What: Troop 131 Shooting Sports Extravaganza
When: Fri 15 Mar- Sun 17 Mar 2024
Where: Bull Run
Why: We love a Rootin Tootin Shootin Time
Cost: TBD Based on location
Apr 19-21 Fishing
Who: All the avid (and junior) fisherman we can find
What: Troop 131 Fishing Trip
When: Fri 19 Apr – Sun 21 April, 2024
Where: The Cove Campground (about 2 hours from Alexandria)
Why: Give a Scout a fish (and he’ll throw it)….Teach a Scout to fish……
Cost: TBD Based on location
May 16-17 Bike Trip
Who: Everyone with a sense of adventure who loves the outdoors (i.e. SCOUTS!!!!)
What: Riding into the sunset (or at least along the canal)
When: SAT 16 May – Sun 17 May (Just Sat & Sun this month!)
Where: C&O Canal
Why: Let’s Ride!
Cost: TBD Based on location
Jun 7-10 Canoe Trip
Info Soon

June 23rd – 29th: Summer Camp

July 13th: Crime Prevention Merit Badge/Walking Tour

August 9th-11th: Patrol Outing

September 13th-15th: Camping – Climbing Trip

October 11th -14th: Climboree

October 25th: Camporee

November 15th-17th: Camping & Game at the Naval Academy



First, let me thank Mr. Devlin and Mr. Farmer for researching and starting the initial planning for Troop-131 high adventure activities. While we sent a crew to Philmont just two summers ago, we are certainly still feeling the Covid Effect.  However, I am happy to report that we are getting the ball rolling once again on high adventure and our intent is to have one high adventure outing every year moving forward.

For those of you that haven’t heard of this before, the Scouts BSA has a collection of four National High Adventure Scout Camps (Sea Base, Philmont, Northern Tier, and Summit/Bechtel) with programs that are a bit more challenging, and rewarding, than the usual summer camp experience. Each offers a different experience; examples include multi-day offshore sailing, learning to SCUBA, week-long canoe trips involving portage and primitive camping, and Philmont, which is the gold standard of scouting experiences (7/9/12 day backpacking adventures).

These programs are for older scouts, require a higher level of capability than the usual summer camp and come with additional (in some cases significant) financial requirements. To prepare the troop to participate in these events we need to plan well ahead. These camps are very popular, so planning one or two years beforehand is required for preparation, for fund raising and to reserve slots.

Sometimes there are crews that have a few extra slots available in shorter time frames, and we can look to this for any of our current scouts who are closer to aging out.

We identified the first week of August as our timeframe for high adventure activities over the next few years and our intent is to integrate some of the preparation for these activities into our yearly troop program.

As a result, and for the Summer of 2025, Mr. Devlin has reserved space to send 6-8 scouts to the Sea Base – sailing program (which could actually be in St Thomas depending on which boat we get assigned to).

We have also allocated Summer of 2026 (in the same early August slot) for a 7-day trek at Philmont Scout Ranch.  Registration for this is not open yet.

Age minimums vary a bit and depending on the program, as a Troop our general policy is 13 for Sea Base and 14 for the others. With that said and for Philmont which is strenuous, the ideal range is for 15 and up in age.

We would like to hear from both the scouts and parents that you are interested in the activity. Given the Covid effect, we will need to prioritize based on the age of the scout (older scouts first, as the younger scouts will have more time to participate before aging out). There will be requirements for activities and before heading out. For example, preparation for Philmont will include a number of overnight backpacking trips to build up the skills (and muscles) needed. THIS INCLUDES ADULT LEADERS.  😊

In the coming weeks, look for a signup sheet for Sea Base so that we can start to put together a list of interested scouts and adult leaders and begin the process of building out the crew and setting the prerequisite events.

More information will follow, however, here is the basic information concerning this trip.

·        Location: Florida Sea Base – 73800 Overseas Highway, Islamorada, FL 33036

·        Program: Coral Reef Sailing

·        Dates: 8/6/2025-8/11/2025

·        Total Cost for a crew of 6-8: $10,200 (note that the total cost is the same for 6 or 8)

·        Minimum Cost per Scout: $1,275 (assumes 8 scouts- note the cost will be higher if the crew is smaller)

·        Additional Costs: $800 estimated- Airfare, Travel Money, T-shirts etc.

·        The payment schedule is as follows:

o   10% of Balance Due by June 1st 2024

o   50% of Balance Due by October 1st 2024

o   Final Payment = April 1st 2025


We will also investigate and plan specific fundraising options for the crew going so they will have the opportunity to earn additional money and defer a portion of the costs.  Scouts may also use any money they have in their Scout Accounts and from previous fundraising to help offset these costs.

See link below for more information and I hope you all will consider this.


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