Hello Troop!
It is a very unique and interesting time we are going through.  You may think that Scouting is on hold, but there are many ways to continue working on merit badges, advancements, etc.  Here are some ways:
Virtual Troop Meeting, Patrol Meetings:
I’m working with the SPL to set up a videoconference Troop meeting, and we are also discussing virtual Patrol Meetings.  Stay tuned!
Advancement Ranks:
You can be working on Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class ranks right now!  Look in your books or here:
For signoffs:  keep track of the items you are ready to sign off, and we will work with the ASM’s and Patrol Leaders to use applications such as webex, zoom, facetime, etc so that these can be signed off.  The ASM list is attached to this email.
REMEMBER to follow YPT guidelines of no one-on-one contact.  For example, if you are using facetime, your parent must be present.
Merit Badges:
Older scouts looking to work on merit badges:  You can start a merit badge without a signed blue card!  Send an email to the Advancement Chair and your Scoutmaster and we will make sure your virtual blue card is signed, and a counselor identified for you to contact. If you are completing a badge and are meeting with the counselor, remember that will need to be a virtual meeting (See above note regarding YPT guidelines) . To complete the blue card, an email from you and your Counselor to the Scoutmaster and Advancement chair will show completion of the requirements.  Note that BSA is not allowing variations in Merit Badge requirements.
Merit badges that can be completed without leaving home! (scroll to bottom of list):
NOTE: These are useful, but not official and also not required – always follow the requirement on the BSA listing NOT on the worksheet in case they are out of date: Merit badge worksheets that are not required but useful for recording your progress:
Advancement Chair:
Troop Meetings at FBC:  cancelled until further notice, we will let you know as soon as we know!
March and April Outings:  cancelled/postponed.
We’ll work on whether these will replace future outings.  In the meantime – Get Outside!  Follow the CDC guidelines for social distancing but spring is here, enjoy it!

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