Troop 131 Scouts and Parents,

A special mid-week edition of my email.

As you all know, since we had two troop outings in October, we are trying something new for the November activity: A Patrol Specific Outing!

The patrols have all put together very different activities (which is good); some elected for day only activities, some for overnight camping and some even decided to move their activity up from the weekend of the 17th and to this weekend.

Parents, a few items to keep in mind for these activities:

  • At all times at least two adults must be with the scouts (for camping three is preferred but not required)
  • Adults must be registered with BSA, on our charter and have up to date (within the last 2 years) Youth Protection Training.
  • For overnight activities only, one of the Adults must be ILOS trained.
  • The scouts must have completed and turned into adults the permission slip. (I attached it to this email for your reference)
  • For overnight activities, the adults must have scouts’ health forms with them.  (I have these in my possession and will bring them to the meeting on Monday to hand out for the Goat patrol)
  • Some of the patrols don’t yet have two adults – so please volunteer if you can.

See below what I understand is the current activity and which parents will participate.  Please let me know if I have any of this incorrect.

Goat Patrol (November 18th-19th)

Activity: Camp in the backyard of Logon Bond’s Mom’s House, Hike, Natural History Museum, Movie, Pizza

Adults: Ms. Bond and Mr. Saulski

Penguin Raiders Patrol (November 12th)

Activity: Billy Goat Trail Hike

Adults: Mr. Grocki, (need a second adult)

Snapping Turtles Patrol (November 17th)

Activity: Ice Skating

Adults: Mr. Irwin, (need a second adult)

Mustachios Patrol (November 10th-12th)

Activity: Camping and fishing at the Cove

Adults: Mr. Dalton and Mr. Heatherington

Moose/Nylon Patrol (November 12th)

Activity: Movie in Shirlington

Adults: Mr/Mrs: Mulvany

I am excited about this and hope you all have a great time.

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