February 8-9 Cold Weather Camping

Are you going?  It will be fun!  We’ll go to PW forest park and go on a hike, fire building, ax yard and an all around good time.  BE PREPARED.  We will have some unseasonably warm weather this week, but don’t let that fool you, it will be full on cold weather camping this weekend.  Attached is a cold weather guideline, and this will be your skill on Monday as well.


2019 Troop 131 Dues Collection Details

Hello and best wishes to everyone.  We will begin collecting 2019 Troop 131 Dues at tomorrow’s meeting (January 28th) and again at the February 11th and subsequent meetings.  Please plan to attend one of the meetings or send a dues payment with your scout.

Dues are as follows:

  • Scout – $90
  • 2nd Scout in a family (sibling) – $66
  • 1st Year Transfer Scout – $25
  • Registered Adults – $30

Dues payments are accepted in any of the following forms:

  • Credit card
  • Check (payable to “Boy Scouts Troop 131”)
  • Cash

Checks may also be dropped off into the locked mailbox at the fence at 25 E. Linden Street.  Please mark any envelopes with “Troop 131.”

Thank you,

Henri van Goetham – Treasurer Troop 131

Summer Camp

It is already time to get signed up – see last weeks email from Ms. Larson.

NYLT, National Youth Leadership Training

Are you 14 or in 8th Grade? Are you a First Class Scout? If so, you have the opportunity to participate in an exciting, fun, and useful training through scouts – NYLT! It’s coming up again this summer, so Let’s talk!

High Adventure Presentation

Mr. Guynn and the Scouts did an excellent presentation, but we wish we would have had more parents there!  If you weren’t able to come and want to learn more, let us know and we will schedule another presentation

World Scout Jamboree

The WSJ is this summer at the Bechtel Reserve in WVA.  If you would like to visit for a day, see below link.  We’ll talk about the possibility of taking a group.


 Service Opportunities

If you have any service opportunities you think would be good for our Scouts, please contact Mrs. Greiner, our Service Coordinator at 58donahue@cua.edu.


Notes from the Senior Patrol Leader:

– BRING YOUR COATS!  It is winter, it’s cold, we go outside for activities.  Be Prepared.

– PATROL LEADERS – It is your responsibility to touch base with your Patrols and be sure that they are paying attention to the Skills Training and working on their Advancement

– CELL PHONE USAGE – Not in the troop meetings, except with very few exceptions when they are being used for advancement or merit badges.  

– Uniforms and Opening/Closing Ceremonies – wear your Field Uniforms and line up properly for the ceremonies.  

– BRING YOUR SCOUTBOOKS TO THE MEETINGS!  Opportunities for Advancement are being wasted just because Scouts don’t remember their books.  

Other Items of Interest

Stem Committee:

Contact Mr. Steenstra at the troop meeting if you would like to be on it!  There are lots of great opportunities around the area.


If you know of anyone that is not on this list that wishes to be, please have them contact me and I’ll get them added.  Also, if you are receiving this and wish not to, please let me know!

SM Bolte

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