I know many of you have done this, but there are so many ways to get outside!  Some extremely close by options are:
Kayaking at Dyke Marsh
Hiking at Turkey Run Park
Hiking at Great Falls
Biking on the C&O Trail
Hiking/Biking at Mason Neck
So many more……


Outside Troop Meeting! 
The last troop meeting was a success!  Join us again at the FBC outside auditorium tonight at 7:30-9:00 pm.
For those of you not familiar with the area, it is the “Additional Parking Area” past the cones, past the troop shed.  Scouts will walk from the front parking lot to the back area.  A few guidelines:

1)  WEAR MASKS!  Please do not come to the meeting without one.  You will not be able to stay at the meeting without a mask!

2)  BE WELL!  if you have a fever, cough, or show any signs of being sick, do not come to the meeting.  Be ultra careful!

3)  BE PREPARED!  It’s summer in DC – so be prepared for bugs and thunderstorms.  This will be an outdoor meeting and we will not go into the Church.  We will have drinking water available.

4)  WEAR YOUR UNIFORM – It’s hung up in your closet, right?  It is NOT under your bed crumpled up by that bag of doritos your parents don’t know you have in your room.
Troop Tradition dictates that we do not wear neckerchiefs in the summer months!!

This is a big step for us all after being isolated for so long.  If you are not yet ready to come, we understand.  We’ll come up with options for all to be involved!

One of the activities will be stove lighting.  We’ll see what else the SPL has in store!.


Summer Mini Outings – PW Forest Park

ASM Rodger and ASM Snowden are planning a trip the weekend of July 31 to Prince William Forest Park. More to come on this!


Service Project – Troop Shed!
You may notice that our shed looks brand new!  Well that is thanks to Scouts and Adults who volunteered to keep our gear safe.  Thanks to:
Alex, Matthew, Tim, will, Ryan, Ben, Jack, Jay, Owen, Arthur, and to our adult leaders Thomas, Mr. Farmer, Mr Kelley, Mr. Haymes, Mre Dalton, and of course Mr Jahns who put this all together!


Goshen Home Camping/Family Camping:

Goshen Camp Directors are excited about the alternative program this summer – Goshen Homecamping!
Both Webelos and Scouts BSA youth will have the opportunity to earn merit badges or adventure pins respectively online with dedicated instructors, AND come down to one of there camp properties with their family to go camping beginning on July 6th.
As it is family camping, not troop camping, we won’t take a group, but please take advantage of this great situation!


Camp Snyder is open for family camping as well –

Goshen or Snyder reservations: – weekends in July



Family Camping – Troop Gear

If you want to go camping with your family, the troop will loan you the gear!  Just send me an email and we will work it out.  Want some ideas?  I’ve got plenty, just tell me what you want to do and I’ll help you plan it.



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