Virtual Troop Meeting, 7:30 pm:
 Join us for a Troop meeting tomorrow night at 7:30pm at:
Household Bingo
We will have Household Bingo during the Troop Meeting!
Ben is putting this together and it will prove to be a great time!
Advancement Ranks:
You can be working on Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class ranks right now!  Look in your books or here: attachment T131 Merit Badge Counselors.xlsx
For signoffs:  keep track of the items you are ready to sign off, and we will work with the ASM’s and Patrol Leaders to use applications such as webex, zoom, facetime, etc so that these can be signed off.  Then email Ms. Haymes and Mr Bolte and we’ll settle up when we can!
Still on as far as we know.  Sign up with Ms. Larson per her email last night!
National Youth Leadership Training:
If you are interested in going, please contact me!  It is a great opportunity to work on your leadership skills!  Remember that you must be 14 yrs old at the time of the course, have obtained your First Class rank, and have Scoutmaster approval
Be Prepared!
SM Bolte

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