Happy New Year!
January 25 Weekend- Snow Skiing
Our normal location with a bunkhouse (Timberline) is in the process of changing Ownership and is closed this year.  We have a couple of options.  One is to do a day trip to Ski Liberty or another close by.  The other option is Sawmill Resort in Pennsylvania – a 4 1/2 hour drive.  We realize that this is a long haul on a Friday, so if you are willing to make the drive please email me or as soon as possible so we can make the decision.  
Troop Calendar
See attached calendar for 2020 outings.  The activities were chosen by the SPL, the PLC, and the rest of the Scouts.  There are always conflicts, but we’ve done our best to avoid holidays and major vacation weeks.  I will update them to troop google calendar soon.
We are almost done with the rechartering process, Adults – if you have received an email from Mr. Leary, please respond immediately, as BSA is requiring an additional form this year that must be signed or we have to drop you from the Troop roster.
Dues are Due
Rechartering time is here – the dues are $120 – paid youth and $42 – paid adult.  Please make checks out to Troop 131 and give to our Treasurer, Mr. Van Goethem, at the troop meetings.  Note that scholarships are available.  Please email me at if you wish to discuss a scholarship.
NOTE:  if you are getting these emails and are no longer in Scouts, let me know so we don’t bug you about dues.
Notes from the Senior Patrol Leader:
– PATROL LEADERS – It is your responsibility to touch base with your Patrols and be sure that they are paying attention to the Skills Training and working on their Advancement
– CELL PHONE USAGE – Not in the troop meetings, except with very few exceptions when they are being used for advancement or merit badges.

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