Last Monday and for a moment, the radar was looking good! I thought we would thread-the-needle and the storm cell would pass both to our north and south.  Clearly, I should stick to my day job and not play amateur meteorologist, as the storm condensed right on our heads and the sky’s opened up to a torrential downpour.  We were able to get all the scouts into the cars beforehand but had to call the meeting, nevertheless.

For what is it worth, the weather report for tomorrow looks GREAT and YES, we are planning on holding a meeting!  Please note that we are in summer hours so the meeting will start at 7:30 PM.

Both the Philmont and Goshen Crews are back, so there should be lots of good stories and experiences to talk about.

For those that went to Goshen, we will hand out “blue cards” for both your completed and partial merit badges and for the Trailhead scouts we will review your completed requirements. We should also have Merit Badges to hand out for those that earned them.

Canoe Trip 2.0- August 13 – 15th

Our canoe trip has been rescheduled – find the e-mail dated 7/15 from our Outdoor Chair, Mr. Mulvaney and fill out the form.

When: Fri 13 Aug to Sun 15 Aug
Where: Bentonville, VA. Golden Rock Campground (about 90min from Alexandria)

Click Here to Go On the CANOE II Trip

Eagle Projects – Did you know we have several scouts currently working on their Eagle projects? Here are some updates

From Jack Ryder – Mark your calendars! 

This is the same email that Mr. Jahns sent out yesterday, however, I am copying it here again.  Please help Jack out and this is a good way for you to earn Service Hours!

I am working on my Eagle Scout project next Saturday, August 7th, and Sunday, August 8th. I could really use some volunteers!  My project is the construction and installation of a food pantry box. A photo of a similar pantry is attached below. This pantry box is in a 24-hour accessible location for Alexandria neighbors to donate or receive nonperishable food and home essentials anonymously. The pantry will be located in front of the Alexandria Country Day School field and across the street from the Del Ray Baptist Church. The concept is easy, give what you can and take what you need.

I will need a group of scouts and parents to help construct the actual pantry which will involve some carpentry and other building activities. I will also need a large group to distribute flyers in the surrounding area. We thought that using the scouting for food maps and areas would best create an awareness of this project in the surrounding neighborhoods. Below you will find a signup sheet for Saturday, August 7th where there will be three shifts for pantry construction and Sunday, August 8th where there will be one shift for flyer distribution and pantry installation.

Link to sign up:

Coffee and Donuts will be provided in the morning and pizza or burgers & hotdogs at lunchtime. There will be

plenty of water and sunscreen available for all those who attend.

Thank you for your support!

Jack Ryder


Wear your uniform!  Bring a headlamp!  Have a good time!

Blue Cards!  Did you know that your Scoutmaster can email you a blue card?  Just send me Mr. Ramirez an email (!  Note that the SCOUT must request the blue card, not the parent!

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