Practice Scout Skills wherever you are!

I’ve noticed through Facebook and discussions about town that many of you have been going on some great family trips.  Remember that Scout skills aren’t just for scout events.  Practice and use your knots, hiking and camping skills, etc.,   They will serve you for the rest of your life!

Roaring Run Backpacking Trip – September 14/15

This will be the first true backpacking trip for many of the Nukes.  A true test of skill and a Troop favorite!   Nukes, if you want to go on this trip, you should be at the next 3 meetings – we’ll have training on how to pack and using our backpacking stoves!

Camporee, October  18, 19, 20 Gunston Hall

We will be helping out in some capacity with the Camporee this year – more to come on this as details become available.  This is close to home at Gunston Hall, and promises to be fun as always!

Merit Badge Afloat – Sailing Merit Badge September 21, 22

A great opportunity  This is an overnight activity, will require at least one adult to attend, and only 5 scouts per troop can go (13 and over, with a First Class rank).  If any Scouts or Adults are interested, lets talk!

Facebook Group

We have a new Facebook Group that we are using for photo updates and positive anecdotes – it is located here:

It’s a closed group for privacy concerns, so send a request via the link and we’ll accept you.


 Service Opportunities

Notes from the Senior Patrol Leader:

– PATROL LEADERS – It is your responsibility to touch base with your Patrols and be sure that they are paying attention to the Skills Training and working on their Advancement

– CELL PHONE USAGE – Not in the troop meetings, except with very few exceptions when they are being used for advancement or merit badges.


– Its Summertime, and the SPL has decided that neckerchiefs are not required, so leave them at home and stay cool!  

– BRING YOUR SCOUTBOOKS TO THE MEETINGS!  Opportunities for Advancement are being wasted just because Scouts don’t remember their books.  

Other Items of Interest

Stem Committee:

Contact Mr. Steenstra at the troop meeting if you would like to be on it!  There are lots of great opportunities around the area.

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