I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful (spring) … I mean fall weather!  Thank you to all the scouts that helped on Saturday either for Scouting for Food or the Pumpkin clean up.  Remember, we also have Scouting for Food pick up next Saturday and need adults and scout volunteers for that as well. See note from ASM Andrew Moore, please let him know if you will attend next week.


On November 12, 2022, we will again meet in the parking lot of Immanuel Church on the Hill at 3606 Seminary Rd., Alexandria, VA, at 9:30 AM and then return to the homes of the residents in which flyers were distributed to pick up donated, non-perishable food items and return them back to Immanuel Church on the Hill.


This is a great way for Scouts to earn service hours and help those in need in our community.  Parents and their automobiles are needed to drop off and pick up Scouts to distribute notices and pick up donated food items on both days (Nov. 5 & 12).  Parents, please contact ASM Andrew Moore if you are able to participate in transporting Scouts and donated food items on the flyer drop off and food collection days (, 202-258-7103).



We will have an in-person Troop meeting at 7:30PM at Immanuel Church on the Hill this Monday.

NEXT WEEK, we will not have access to the fellowship hall.  Weather dependent, we will have an outdoor activity, please stay tuned for more information.



Setting up a tent in the dark is hard, setting up a tent in the sand is also hard, setting up a tent in the wind with 15 mile per hour gusts is even harder.  Those who went on the trip had to manage all three at the same time!  Hopefully this will give you all confidence that you can set up a tent ANYWHERE.

Friday night was certainly a bit of a challenge, given the windy conditions, but I can say that I am very proud of all the scouts and especially proud of how you all worked together, daisy-chained your tents and found a way to make it work.  We did not have any evening tent failures, so we can consider that a very big WIN!  Assateague Island is famous for the horses (which we barely saw) but is also famous for the biting flies.  Thanks to the wind and the time of year, at least we did not have to manage the flies!

I think we all learned the importance of having sand stakes when beach camping and even I was surprised how well they worked.

Saturday was still a bit windy, but overall, a pleasant day.  We have a great 5-mile hike on the beach and into the dunes. Except for leaving your adult leaders behind and in the dust, it was a great day and included some afternoon beach games.  The day culminated in an after-dinner game of manhunt where one scout was so good at hiding that we could not find him (only for a few minutes) when we were doing our evening headcount.

Thanks to Arthur Dalton for providing the menu for camp meals (as a test for his science fair project) and we look forward to seeing the results of the survey data.

We need to keep working on making duty rosters and especially how we clean up after a meal. Remember we need to use the three-bucket method and that the patrols are responsible for bringing the necessary equipment and supplies for this as well.

With all that said, it was a good trip and we had fun on the beach!


SCHEDULE: One Month(ish) Look Ahead

For your use, see below a list of the activities in the coming weeks:

Monday, November 7th – Troop Meeting- 7:30 PM – Immanuel Church on the Hill

Saturday, November 12th– Scouting for Food Pick Up

Monday, November 14th – Troop Meeting- 7:30 PM – TBD

Monday, November 21st – No Meeting- Thanksgiving week!

Monday, November 28th – Troop Meeting- 7:30 PM (BoR)– Immanuel Church on the Hill

Monday, December 5th – Troop Meeting- 7:30 PM (Troop Elections)– Immanuel Church on the Hill

Saturday December 10th– Architectural Walking Tour (Third Time’s a Charm!)

Monday, December 12th – Troop Meeting- 7:30 PM (PLC)– Immanuel Church on the Hill

Monday, December 19th – Troop Meeting- 7:30 PM – Immanuel Church on the Hill

Monday, December 26th – No Troop Meeting- Winter Break

Monday, January 2nd – No Troop Meeting- New Year


Bring your Mask and uniform!  Bring your Book, Bring a headlamp!  Leave your phone in your pocket! and have a good time!

Blue Cards!  Did you know that your Scoutmaster can email you a blue card?  Just send me Mr. Ramirez an email (!  Note that the SCOUT must request the blue card, not the parent!

See you all at the troop meeting.

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