Zoom Meeting Tonight at 7:00 pm,  NOT in person – 
Looks like it will be a washout tonight, so We’ll watch some videos and tie some knots!  Have a piece of rope handy!
September 25/26 Rock Climbing – Sugarloaf Mountain
Only a few spots left – sign up now!  Older scouts I’m talking to you!!
We’ll be camping at Turner Farm on Friday and Saturday Evenings and Climbing on Saturday.
A couple of notes for the trip (note that we will send out an additional email to the participants):
**  You must arrange transport to and from Sugarloaf Mountain (approximately 1 hour from Alexandria).  The Troop will not be providing group transport.
**  Climbing gear will be checked out to the scout and not be shared.
**  Masks will be worn at all times while climbing
** There will be additional health screen requirements
**  There will be no last minute joins due to gear requirements.
**  There are lots of hiking trails available at Sugarloaf if you would like to camp but not climb. 
Please email Mr. Jahns at if you would like to attend.  Be sure to note if you would like to climb.
October 131 – o – ree
The Colonial District cancelled the fall camporee this year, so we are talking about doing our own daytime activity to play some games, learn some skills, and generally have fun!  We are working on a location and date.  ADULTS – if there are any willing to help plan this activity, please let me know!
Bring your headlamps – it’s getting dark earlier!  NOTE:  We are talking about starting the meetings earlier due to daylight concerns.  More to come
We will continue meeting outside for the foreseeable future.
Bring your Scoutbooks- there are always Scouts and Adult Leaders available for signoffs
Blue Cards!  Did you know that your Scoutmaster can email you a blue card?  Just send me an email!

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