In lieu of our normal troop meeting we will have the Court of Honor tomorrow night from 7:30 to 8:30 to honor our Scouts accomplishments in the last 6 months.  A couple of items:

1)   This is for Scouts and their families.  Parents please come to honor your Scout.

2)  Scouts are to be in full Class A’s with merit badge sashes.

3)  Patrol leaders need to be at FBC at 7 pm to help set up.  

4)  Moose Patrol needs to be at FBC at 7 pm to prepare for opening ceremony.

Philmont 2020

Those interested in Philmont next year, we need to move fast to get the spot.  Please stay after the COH for a short meeting to talk to our HA advisor Mr. Guynn and pay the $100 deposit to secure a slot.  

Wreath Sales

You have the forms, now sell some wreaths!  This is our primary fundraiser for the Troop, and all Scouts need to participate to help keep our Troop financially sound.  Note also that the Scout gets a portion of the sales as well put into a scout account for use on trips and functions.

Scouting for Food – November 2 and 9

Thank you to all who helped out.  We’ll organize again next weekend to pick food up and deliver.

Orienteering/Cold Weather Camping – November 16/17- Prince William Forest Park

It could be nice, it could be cold, but we will definitely be Orienteering!

Climb O Ree – November 30/31

Do you love  Rock Climbing?  Do you love Backpacking?  Well there is an opportunity to do both on November 30 at Annapolis Rock.  A 2 mile hike and then lots of climbing.  Talk to me about this if you are interested!

 Notes from the Senior Patrol Leader:

– PATROL LEADERS – It is your responsibility to touch base with your Patrols and be sure that they are paying attention to the Skills Training and working on their Advancement

– CELL PHONE USAGE – Not in the troop meetings, except with very few exceptions when they are being used for advancement or merit badges.

– BRING YOUR SCOUTBOOKS TO THE MEETINGS!  Opportunities for Advancement are being wasted just because Scouts don’t remember their books.  

Other Items of Interest

Stem Committee:

Contact Mr. Steenstra at the troop meeting if you would like to be on it!  There are lots of great opportunities around the area.

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