I hope everyone had a great Father’s weekend!  This is my inaugural Sunday email as I transition into the Scoutmaster role.  From now on I will use the email address, so if you want to ask me a question, schedule a Scout Master conference, talk about scouting, etc, then please use this address moving forward.

In Person Troop Meeting- Monday 6/21/2021- 7:30PM

There is a chance of rain as the tropical depression passes to our south, however, for now let’s assume that meeting is moving forward.

Please note that we are switching to summer hours so the meeting will start at 7:30 PM.

We will also have our Troop 131 and Scout Favorite Cook-Off.  Mr. Bolte will bring the food but bring your Iron Chef cooking skills and let’s see which patrol has the best food!

Board of Review – Monday 6/21/2021

If you are ready for your board of review and have not already done so, please talk to your Advancement Chair Ms. Haymes!

Eagle Project – Alexander Reisig:

Hi guys!

So far, we have collected almost 900 tems! I am planning to continue collecting items through June since there was a scheduling conflict and we aren’t delivering until July 2. If you are still interested in making a donation, here are the items we are low on:

Mens Underwear: Sizes Small, Medium and XXLarge
Mens undershirts: Size Small and XXXXL
Regular casual tee shirts: Size XXL
Hoodies: XL and XXXXL
Sweatpants: Small, Medium, Large, XXXXL
Here is the link where you can donate. Please include your name so I can thank you properly. I am finding that sometimes they just send the item and I do not know who it is from and Amazon will not share who sent the item.

We are now looking at Friday July 2 to meet at my house, do a final inventory of the items and deliver them to the homeless shelter on Capitol Hill. We have about 30 bins so will need some parent volunteers to help drive us there. I am verifying the exact time, but just wanted to let you know what we will need that day. I will have us organized into teams for that morning so we can work efficiently. As I see it now, we will need help calculating the final inventory, loading up cars with the approx. 30 bins of items (unless someone has a truck…) and a couple scribes to help thank the donors. More to come! But rest assured – we will have Krispy Kremes!!

Thank you for your support,
Alexander Reisig

Goshen in Motion – July!

It is not too late to sign up!  We have 17 scouts going and there is always room for one more.

For those that are going to Goshen, I would like to have a short meeting tomorrow to talk about Merit Badge Classes.

Don’t forget to get your Heath forms A, B and C filled out and back to me.


High Adventure

Did you know we have a group going to Philmont this year?  Well yes we do – Corey, Alex, Will, Matthew, and friends from other troops are headed to the great adventure!  Ask them about it, maybe it can be you in the future!



Blue Cards!  Did you know that your Scoutmaster can email you a blue card?  Just send me an email!  Note that the SCOUT must request the blue card.  Not the parent!

Wear your uniform!  Bring a headlamp!  Have a good time!

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