Our next camping trip is our canoe trip on the Shenandoah River  – the weekend of Aug 13-15.  If you want to go Canoeing you MUST  have a current BSA SWIM test (either from the Troop meeting or Goshen)

Here is the link to the form to sign up:  https://tinyurl.com/T131-Canoe-14Aug21

We will be camping at Golden Rock Campground (Owned by Downriver Canoe Co.) in Bentonville, VA both Friday and Saturday nights. We will canoe on Saturday.

Friday  Aug 13th 5:00-8:00 PM

  • We will be camping at Golden Rock Campground (specific driving directions to follow)
  • Due to COVID restrictions, the Troop is not arranging transportation to the campsite.  There should be someone there by around 6:00 to meet you, but feel free to show up whenever you can.
  • It is about a 90 minute drive from Alexandria

Sat Aug 14th Canoe Day

  • Downriver Canoe company will provide transportation from the campsite to the launch point.
  • We will be covering 13 miles over 5 Hours of canoeing!  Get your arms ready. We go from Ft. Stover to Compton Rapids.  It should be beautiful scenery.
  • We will get back to the campground in the afternoon, with plenty of time to recuperate in time for the Camp Fire.

Sun Aug 15th Return (on your own)

  • We ask that parents not staying overnight with us, arrange to have their Scout picked up by 09:00 on Sunday

The Canoe Company’s whole staff is now fully vaccinated!  And, they do not mix groups, so we will be the only ones on the bus and in our float group.  And of course, they require masks on the bus. As an additional option, if you chose, you can opt for a single kayak (vice the two-person canoe)  This does increase the price a bit, but it is an option for those (Scouts or Adults) so inclined.


  • Cost is $45 per scout (Covering canoe rental, camping & food)
  • Cost is $45 per adult (on your own for food)
  • Additional fee of $30 per kayak (if you chose that option)
  • Gear, menus and food will be discussed at the upcoming troop meetings
  • Please RSVP if you plan to attend no later than Friday, Jul 30th via:    T-131 Canoeing
  • Adult campers / canoers are needed as well – let me know if you can come and share the FUN!


  • If you completed these forms for the June trip- then you are all set
  • If you didn’t complete these for the June trip, then:

What we need from you

  • I will need a signed BSA permission slip for each scout (form attached)
  • I will also need a completed BSA medical form for each participant  Scouts and Adults (Goshen ones count as well).
  • I will need a completed Canoe Waiver form PRINTED and signed
  • Payment- check made out to  “BSA Troop 131” , or if you want to use some funds in your Scout Account, please let the Treasurer know: Treasurer@T131.org

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Brendan Mulvaney
Outings Coordinator
Boy Scout Troop 131

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