Horses that is!!!

I may be a little biased, since my Chinese surname is 马 which means Horse, but we are totally looking forward to this (rescheduled) trip.

12-14 August, Horseback Riding at Red Gate Farm Sign up to ride horses!

We will be riding with Red Gate Farm out in Bluemont, VA (near the site of the famous “Wind” campout)
We want to get as much of the Troop out to this one as possible, so we are going to cover much of the cost of the trip.  With the T-131 discount, it will just be $40 per Scout for all of the instruction and all of the riding necessary to complete the  Horsemanship Merit Badge.
Remember- You Can Use Scout Accounts to pay for this.  Check with the Treasurer for your Scout’s current balance.  All you have to do is sign up!!!
BUT YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP!!!  Because we are using a company to provide horses and instructors, this trip there are no last minute changes.  We want everyone available to go, it’ll be a great time.  So sign up BEFORE AUGUST 2nd!!!

All you have to do is sign up!!!

The boys need to wear long pants and sturdy shoes with a heel!
And of course, the forms:
Brendan Mulvaney
Outings Coordinator
Boy Scout Troop 131

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