Who: Everyone in Troop 131 is invited!
What: NCAC Climbing and hiking weekend
When: Fri 11 Oct- MONDAY 14 Oct 2024 LONG WEEKEND EVENT
Where:  Camp Mountaineer near Morgantown, WV.
Why: Climb to the sky
Cost: $40/ person
*** This is a Pre-Pay Event, if you sign up we need to collect money from you now, even if you have to cancel later ***

Ok Folks, this one books up quickly, so if your Scout, and you, want to go and maximize the fun, sign up now.  But a couple of notes:
1-*** This is a Pre-Pay Event, if you sign up we need to collect money from you now, even if you have to cancel later ***
3- Once you sign up, I’ll send you the link to the activity sheet.  Again, the sooner you sign up, the more likely you are to get your choices, and some go super quickly.

4- There are lots of merit badges to be had at this one, so start thinking ahead and see Mr. Ramirez for Blue Cards at the next meeting.

For those who are new, or didn’t participate last year, I wanted to add some information and explain why we need sign ups, schedules, and commitments this far in advance.
This is not a T-131 event, it is an entire National Capital Area event run by the National Capital Area Council.  They are opening registration April 27, so we need to be ready before then.  These are terrific events, and lots of them.  But they fill up VERY quickly, and have to be entered into the system one by one.  I spent several hours early on a Sat morning last year just trying to get us registered and booked, and it will be the same way again this year.  Can you sign up later, sure, but the programs and times you want will likely be gone by then, and I can’t guarantee that you get to do events with the Troop unless we all sign up at the same time.  And we have to pay at the time of registration, no refunds.  So the timing and the payments are out of our control.  What we can do is “BE PREPARED” (I think I’ve heard that somewhere before) and get everyone registered early and have the schedules planned out as best we can so that I can get my fingers punching keys as fast as I can to get everyone together and people what they want.
Again, this isn’t the norm for our events, but it is a HUGE event that has hundreds of Scouts from all over going.  Our Scouts had a terrific time last year, as did all of the adults who went (even with the bruised ribs).
Lots of merit badges, lots of climbing, lots of shooting, and lots of fun.
So if your Scout (and you for that matter) are even thinking about going, I’d urge you to sign up now and lock in your events with the rest of the troop.
Yes- there are Adult specific events that are a ton of fun as well, so keep that in mind, it really is an event for all!
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Forms- What we need from you

  • I will need a signed BSA permission slip for each scout (form attached)
  • I will also need a completed BSA medical form for each participant  Scouts and Adults (Goshen ones count as well).
  • Payment- check made out to  “BSA Troop 131” , or if you want to use some funds in your Scout Account, please let the Treasurer know: Treasurer@T131.org

There is a Rock Climbing Merit Badge!  Click the merit badge below for info, and then see Scoutmaster Ramirez for a Blue Card if you are interested.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Brendan Mulvaney
Outings Coordinator
Boy Scout Troop 131

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