Who:  All Adventures
What: Orienteering Trip
When: Fri 11 Aug – Sun 13 Aug 2023
Where: Lake Fairfax Park
Why: Not all those who wander are lost
Cost: Just $20

 We are super excited about a new place to try our Orienteering Skills.  We are working on the final details, but wanted to get the basic info out first so you can start planning and put it on your calendars.  We will go out and camp Friday night.  Saturday is planned to be the introduction, skills building, and practice.  And then the real event is on Sunday from 09:00-12:30.  So the SCOUTS will need to have a plan for breakfast on Sunday in addition to all the ‘regular’ meals.

 Orienteering is an outdoor sport suitable for all ages and fitness levels; basically, it’s like a scavenger hunt in which you use a detailed map to find checkpoints (“controls”) that have been placed at locations marked on the map. You will learn the basics of orienteering from experienced instructors and then apply your newly acquired skills on one of two beginner-level orienteering courses. Participants can orienteer solo or in small groups of up to four people.

 Both the White and Yellow courses are for beginners. They will follow linear features such as roads, trails, edges of fields, or streams. Checkpoints for the White course will be set on the linear feature. The longer Yellow course checkpoints will be placed either on or a short distance from linear features. Going off trail is allowed on both courses, but legs on the Yellow course are set to encourage it.

Signup: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScl96WtedZXBuLjkJB8Fpr9T1zOhMO5StxjLHoG-2o0QFwwRw/viewform

Make sure you bring a camelback, canteen, or other way to carry water with you.

And of course- there is a Merit Badge!!!  Be sure to ask for your Blue Card ahead of time

Orienteering Merit Badge


  • Cost is $20 per scout (Covering camping & food)

Forms- What we need from you

  • I will need a signed BSA permission slip for each scout (form attached)
  • I will also need a completed BSA medical form for each participant  Scouts and Adults (Goshen ones count as well).
  • Payment- check made out to  “BSA Troop 131” , or if you want to use some funds in your Scout Account, please let the Treasurer know: Treasurer@T131.org

There is an Orienteering Merit Badge!  Click the merit badge below for info, and then see Scoutmaster Ramirez for a Blue Card if you are interested.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Brendan Mulvaney
Outings Coordinator
Boy Scout Troop 131

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