There’s less than two months until we go to Goshen! Please read the following information below for your Goshen update:

Goshen Bus Tickets – Bus Transportation from Fairfax and Largo
Tickets for the Goshen Bus went on sale starting May 1. The bus tickets cost $80 now, not $70 like last year. However, we encourage as many scouts (and at least one adult) to ride the bus and minimize the need for extra drivers. I will be ordering the tickets for those that selected the bus option.

Adult Bus Rider & Drivers Needed!

We need at least one adult to volunteer to ride the bus with the scouts from our troop, or else none of the scouts can ride the bus! We may also need volunteers to drive the scouts to/from Goshen. Right now we have more scouts needing rides than we have available seats. While registration is still open, there is the possibility more adults might register who are willing to take some extra scouts, but we need volunteers to make this work for everyone.
BSA Medical Forms
As we get close to camp, make sure you and your campers are preparing the forms you will need. Everyone in camp must have Parts A & B of the BSA Medical Form. Any youth or adult camper staying for more than 72 hours and/or participating in camp activities must also have Part C and the NCAC Health Advisory. Part C is valid through the end of the 12th month from the date it was administered by your medical provider. BSA Medical Forms and other helpful forms and information can be found at These forms need to be turned in to me as soon as you can, and no later than June 18th!

Fees Due
I will be sending individual emails to scouts/families with their cost information, what has been paid to the treasurer so far, and any outstanding balance. Please review this to ensure it is correct, and contact me if there are any discrepancies. Some costs weren’t available at the time we made the registration form (i.e, buses, merit badge activity fees for Shotgun and Space Exploration) so there may be something different than the original estimate. We can use money from the scouts’ accounts (money from wreath sales, etc.) towards the balance, but you have to let Mr. Baldwin (T131 Treasurer) know if that’s something you want to do.
Merit Badge Prerequisites
I will be sending out a copy of the Prerequisite Report along with the fees info in the individual emails. Look for the page with your scout’s name to see which prerequisites they should complete before they go to Goshen. If you have questions on advancement, please consult with Ms. Haymes, the T131 Advancement Chair.
Adult Leader Training Schedule
The Goshen Scout Reservation is waiting on the finalized training schedule from the NCAC Training Committee! As soon as this is confirmed, I will share the official adult leader training schedule. This is optional for adults, but can be a good way to get training (e.g., IOLS, first aid, etc.).

Goshen 2023 T-Shirts

I will be submitting the t-shirt order in the next week or so based on the registrations we have received so far. The order has to be submitted early to ensure we receive our shirts before we get to Goshen. They look pretty cool, if I say so myself.
I will be sending out more updates in the coming weeks with more information. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about our trip to Goshen.
Daren Devlin
I wanted to pass along the basic info about T131’s summer camp plans for next year so everyone has plenty of time to plan and prepare for the highlight of the summer!
DATES: Sunday, June 25 – Saturday, July 1
COSTS: Youth $485 ($455 with Early Bird discount if registered by April 14)
Adults $265 ($225 with Early Bird discount if registered by April 14)
CAMP BOWMAN PROGRAMS: We are going to have a slightly different experience this summer — we will be staying at Goshen’s Camp Bowman this time around (on the other side of Lake Meriweather, across from Camp Olmstead). Bowman also has a program for new scouts (called Bowman Brigade) and a wide range of merit badge courses for older scouts. It  even offers a customizable Vets program for experienced scouts who have completed most of their merit badges and want to take advantage of the wide range of activities around Goshen – adventures like climbing, water sports, hiking overnighters, ATVs, and even some Lenhok’sin advanced outdoor challenges! For adults, there will also be some training opportunities like IOLS or BSLST, depending on the Council’s availability.
PATROL COOKING:  One big difference this year will be developing our camp cooking skills. Unlike Olmstead’s dining hall, all of the meals at Bowman will involve patrol cooking! Bowman provides the supplies and equipment, but our scouts will be cooking all of their own meals.
TRANSPORTATION: You can choose to ride the Goshen buses chartered by the Council, or you can drive (197 miles, or about 3 hours). Bus ticket prices haven’t been announced yet ,but were $70 last year.
I will send out more detailed information and the 2023 registration form at a later date. Please feel free to email me if you have questions!
Daren Devlin
Summer Camp Coordinator, Troop 131

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