Hey, all!

We will have training for ALL newly elected and appointed Scouts this Sunday, 1-3:45, at Immanuel Episcopal Church, 3606 Seminary Rd. It is very important that Scouts holding any position of responsibility be there if possible.

We will meet in the /sanctuary itself/, due to social distancing arrangements in the church.

The aim of the training is to activate positions that have not been especially active and, most of all, to assure Scouts have a shared sense of purpose as expressed by their SPL and SM. We will go over what each position entails, and how leaders can and should delegate some of their responsibilities in a larger Troop like ours.

The session will facilitate monthly themes as well as an active and engaged older-boy program that is based on activities distinct from first-year skills.

This has been moved from Saturday due to numerous schedule conflicts. We will be certain to place this on the calendar for the first week of June, too so everyone has plenty of notice the next time elections roll around!

Yours in Scouting,

ASM Rodger

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