Sorry for the late email, we just returned from Philadelphia this weekend after visiting family.  As some of you may know, Theo and I are Washington Nationals fans, however, the females in our house are avid Philadelphia fans!  So, while we were not at the NLCS games this weekend, we did watch and listen this afternoon.  Therefore, and on behalf of the city of brotherly love, let me say … go Phillies!


We will have an in-person Troop meeting at 7:30PM at Immanuel Church on the Hill. 

We will have one Board of Review (BoR) tomorrow during the meeting. If you are going on the camping trip this weekend, please use the meeting to do your meal planning and get any gear you need out of the shed!



Last chance for beach camping!  I know it is still early, but the weather looks great so far!  This is a great opportunity, as we are camping on National Park Service land!

I reserved two group sites (G4 and G5). If you want to look it up on google maps, the coordinates are:  38.204219406930896, -75.15274585132518

We will reserve one site for the scouts and the other for adults and other family members.

I attached to this email, a pdf map of the camping area with the group sites clouded in red.

Please sign up if you have not already done so!

Assateague beach camping (



Thank you very much to the scouts who volunteered at the Pumpkin Patch this weekend.  I heard from Mr. Jahns, that the church is very happy with the service and help that we provided.  I am gratified that we could help support the church in such a direct way!  Big thanks to all that were involved!!!



For our new scouts, one of the yearly Service projects that we participate in is Scouting for Food.  On Saturday November 5th, we will put out post-it- notes (that the District Provides) on the doors of houses in Alexandria asking for food donations. One week later and on November 12th we go to the same neighborhood and pick up the food people donated.  More information will follow later from our Service coordinators, but for planning purposes we typically get started about 8:30 on both days and the SPL will organize the scouts in teams of up to four.

The T131 area is bounded by Quaker Ln, Duke Street, W. Taylor Run Pkwy and Janey’s Ln.

Unfortunately, I will be out of town on the 5th, but I encourage all of you to participate in this important Service Project.


At the camporee we were the only troop to build an entrance gateway.  It was simple (but effective) and it inspired me to want to build bigger and more elaborate structures in the future.  The impediment to that right now is a lack of building materials. If anyone has a bamboo stand or knows anyone who wants one removed, then we need some long and straight sections.



SCHEDULE: One Month(ish) Look Ahead

For your use, see below a list of the activities in the coming weeks:

Monday, October 24th – Troop Meeting- 7:30 PM (BoR)– Immanuel Church on the Hill

Friday, October 28th-30th – Beach/Chesapeake Bay Camping, Assateague

Monday, October 31st – No Meeting- Halloween!

Saturday, November 5th– Scouting for Food Drop Off

Monday, November 7th – Troop Meeting- 7:30 PM – Immanuel Church on the Hill

Saturday, November 12th– Scouting for Food Pick Up

Monday, November 14th – Troop Meeting- 7:30 PM – TBD

Monday, November 21st – No Meeting- Thanksgiving week!

Monday, November 28th – Troop Meeting- 7:30 PM (BoR)– Immanuel Church on the Hill


Bring your Mask and uniform!  Bring your Book, Bring a headlamp!  Leave your phone in your pocket! and have a good time!

Blue Cards!  Did you know that your Scoutmaster can email you a blue card?  Just send me Mr. Ramirez an email (!  Note that the SCOUT must request the blue card, not the parent!

See you all at the troop meeting.

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