A special thanks to the five scouts who participated in the flag recovery at Alexandria National Cemetery today!

I also want to acknowledge that over the past two weeks, Henry Bingman and Will Jahns successfully completed their Eagle Board of Review!  Please congratulate them when you see them.  The “Legendary” Troll Patrol (I propose now making this their official patrol name) has Six Eagle Scouts come from their ranks.  To my knowledge no other patrol in troop history can claim so many Eagle Scouts.  Like sports jerseys/numbers we may need to “retire” the name Trolls!


We will have an in-person Troop meeting at 7:30PM at Immanuel Church on the Hill this Monday.

We have lots going on, so this is certainly not the meeting to miss!

  • We are holding Troop Elections!
  • We need to prepare for the Rafting Trip!

In addition, we only have one more meeting before summer camp!

We have three candidates for Sr. Patrol Leader.

If anyone else would like to run, then, please let me know via email.

Here is the rough agenda for tomorrow:

  • Elections

o   We will start the meeting by asking each SPL candidate to give a short speech on why they should be elected and what they want to accomplish as SPL.

o   All scouts in the troop are then free to ask them questions concerning this.

o   We will vote for SPL.

o   Then we will break into patrols and elect Patrol Leaders.

o   Patrol Leaders will then appoint their APL.

o   We will announce the new SPL and then he will appoint the ASPL(s) and other leadership positions.

  • Meal Planning for Rafting Trip
  • Gather Gear from the Shed for the Camping Trip
  • Have fun!

There are plenty of other leadership positions available as well, see list below of the roles that we commonly fill.  For the older scouts, I would like to see at least 3 three Troop Guides this round as well, so please consider that position. The Goats, Penguin Raiders and Snapping Turtles will benefit from your experience and wisdom!

The patrols elect the Patrol Leader. The Patrol Leader appoints the Assistant Patrol Leader.

The troop elects the Sr. Patrol Leader.  The Sr. Patrol Leader appoints the Assistant Sr. Patrol Leader(s) and the other leadership positions.

Sr Patrol Leader:

Assistant Sr. Patrol Leader:


Patrol Leader






Troop Guide: 

Chaplain’s Aide:

Order of the Arrow Rep:


See email below from Andrea Campbell (Luke’s Mother)- please bring in that old gear (including Class B t-shirts) for the exchange!


Did your scout GROW? 

Since the last time you bought scout pants? 

Oh wait, that was last week for us…

If the same is true for your scout… 


Please ask your scout to find all their gently used uniforms (because they’re rarely in the size long enough for any more than gentle use…) and bring them to the next troop meeting.  It will not only be a great opportunity for them to look over all their successes and progress… but also to organize their closets! 

I will collect uniforms at meetings through June 12th, and then wash, iron, fold, and package all the uniform pieces by size and make them available for perusal and selection as soon as I have everything prepared; I’ll send another note when the scouts can “shop” for their size.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give reach me at 571-977-8902 or  I will plan to do this a few times a year to keep those uniforms rotating.


Andrea Irwin


SCHEDULE: One Month(ish) Look Ahead

Monday, June 5th – Troop Meeting (Elections) – 7:30 PM – Immanuel Church on the Hill

Friday, June 9th – 11th – Camping- Rafting- Ohiopyle, PA

Monday, June 12th – Troop Meeting – 7:30 PM – Immanuel Church on the Hill

Monday, June 19th   – No Troop Meeting – Federal Holiday – Juneteenth

Sunday June 25th – Start of Summer Camp!!!

Monday, June 26th – Troop Meeting – 7:30 PM – Immanuel Church on the Hill

(Yes, there is a meeting for the scouts that are not at summer camp!)

Saturday July 1st – End of Summer Camp!!!

Monday, July 3rd – Troop Meeting – 7:30 PM – Immanuel Church on the Hill

(Yes, there is a meeting right after summer camp- to return gear and review how it went)

Monday, July 10th – Troop Meeting – 7:30 PM – Immanuel Church on the Hill



Wear your full Class A Uniform and Scarf!  Bring your Book, Bring a headlamp!  Leave your phone in your pocket! and have a good time!

Blue Cards!  Did you know that your Scoutmaster can email you a blue card?  Just send me, Mr. Ramirez, an email (!  Note that the SCOUT must request the blue card, not the parent!

See you all at the troop meeting.

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