Troop 131,

We will have an in-person Troop meeting Monday at 7:00PM at Immanuel Church on the Hill.  Note, we are in summer hours, so we are starting ½ hour earlier.  This will give us more daylight for outdoor activities.

I am on summer travel this week, so I will not be in attendance, however, Mr. Roger will be there to help guide you.  I will attend the Horseback riding camping trip and be at next Monday’s meeting.



There will be NO PLC this week.  We will move this to the meeting on the 8/22 and when everyone is back from summer vacations.



We need one more driver for the camping trip.  If anyone can volunteer to drive either Friday or Sunday or both, please let our activity coordinator Brendan Mulvaney know!

The horseback riding trip is next weekend, and we have 8 scouts who are coming.  I ask these scouts to get together at the meeting and plan to cook as a single patrol.  Now that the shed is at our new location, this should make camping planning at lot easier.  Thank you, Mr. Jahns!

I also want to thank the Mills family, for taking all the camp stoves, servicing them and ensuring they are in working order.  We should be able to cook now at this and future camping trips!


Here are the scouts coming!

David Stayanoff –  Moose

Ethan Lacayo – Nylons

Tige Devlin – Radioactive Scorpions

Theo Ramirez – Radioactive Scorpions

Matthew Berson – Snapping Turtles

Andy Devlin – Snapping Turtles

Luke Irwin – Snapping Turtles

Matthew Haymes – Troll


Please make sure you get together, come up with a meal plan, share the responsibilities for getting the food and exchange contact information (aka email or phone numbers).



Mr. Roger has volunteered again to teach Youth Leadership Training to all the Scout leaders in the troop.  He did this last year and everyone (even if you took it last year) would benefit from attending.

The SPL, ASP’s, PL’s and APL’s are all expected to attend!

We have scheduled this for August 27th (aka, the first Saturday morning after school starts). The program typically starts and 9:00 and runs about 3 hours.  We will meet in the upper conference room at Immanuel Church on the Hill.


Alex informed me today that he completed his Eagle Project this weekend and one week early.  Congratulations Alex!  This is a major achievement, and I am sure you are very happy.  Thank you to all the scouts that volunteered to help him out.

We look forward to hearing all the details at the scout meeting.



The spots were filling up quickly for the Climboree, so Mr. Mulvaney reserved 12 for the troop.  The last email I saw showed 8 of those slots already claimed.  We cannot guarantee that we will be able to get more climbing slots past the 12, so if you want to go, now is the time to sign up!


Join us at Camp Rock Enon on September 16-18, 2022 for an NCAC family camping weekend open to all ages! Enjoy the best climbing on natural rock on a Scout camp close to DC. Hike to scenic Pinnacle Rock on the Tuscarora Trail. Relax at a wooded campsite with nearby restrooms and showers.


Climbing Merit Badge

Climb and rappel on Camp Rock Enon’s massive sandstone climbing wall. Climbs for Scouts BSA and older range from beginner to advanced with rappelling. Experienced climbing instructors will coach you on climbing technique. Work on the Climbing merit badge or Ranger Mountaineering elective.

Hike to sweeping views at Pinnacle Rock. Walk the nature trail. Learn backpacking skills from the High Adventure team. Complete most of Camping merit badge Req. 9 with two nights of camping, a hike gaining 1000+ ft. of elevation, a rappel, and a conservation project.


$25 per Scout, $30 for Adults


Remember- You Can Use Scout Accounts to pay for this.  Check with the Treasurer for your Scout’s current balance.  All you have to do is sign up!!!

BUT YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP!!!  Because the Troop has to register and spaces are limited for this unique event.  We want everyone available to go, it’ll be a great time. So sign up ASAP

All you have to do is sign up!!!

Climb-O-Ree Sign Up Form

The boys need to wear long pants and sturdy shoes with a heel!



The rescheduled walking tour is also fast approaching, please sign up so that I can get a good head count.  Mr. Dalton set the bar high after the Citizenship in the Nation walking tour- so I will have to bring my ‘A’ game!


Who: Everyone in Troop 131 is invited!

What: Architectural Merit Badge Class and Walking Tour

When: Saturday 20 August: 9:00 AM to Mid Afternoon

Where: Downtown D.C.

Why: Learn about Architecture and many of the interesting buildings downtown.

Bring: Packed Lunch, Plenty of Water and your curiosity

There is one pre (or post) requisite, however, all the other requirements for the merit badge will be covered during the day and tour.

We will start by meeting as a group at the Braddock Metro Station at 9:00 AM (we have extra metro cards if anyone needs one) and then travel by metro to Mark Ramirez’ office (Hickok Cole Architects) 301 N Street, NE in Union Market.

We will tour the office, learn about the history of Architecture, understand the process of building design, talk about sustainable buildings, and learn about the tools used in Architectural design. We will use a VR headset, see the model shop in action, look at drawing sets, touch building material samples, learn how Architects Draw and see both handmade & 3D printed models.

If the weather is nice, we will eat our packed lunch on the roof terrace and then walk from the Union Market area to NOMA (North of Mass Ave) thru Chinatown, into downtown and finally end up at the national mall.  All along the way, we will talk about buildings, identify their components, and determine the time/era they were built.  After sketching a building our two on the mall then we will head back to the metro and back to the Braddock Station

Parents are most certainly welcome and encouraged to join!  Hope you will join us for a fun day.


For the first question- Email address- use the Scout email address if they have one.  If not, the adult address is fine.

Boy Scout Troop 131




As many of you know, Patrick Hoover completed his Eagle Board of Review in December. Before he leaves for school, his family would like to have an informal and small-scale celebration to commemorate this at our Monday troop meeting. I know that it is the first day of school for many of you, however, we reserved a portion of the meeting on 8/22 for this purpose.  I encourage everyone to come participate. 


Just a reminder on how to make payments for Dues or other Outdoor Activities.  They can be made in several ways:

·        Checks delivered at the Monday Meeting to the Treasurer or Committee Chair- they should be made payable to “BSA Troop 131.”  Please put in the notes the activity you are paying for.

·        Credit Cards at the Monday Meeting (if the treasurer is in attendance) – Processed by the Troop Treasurer

·        Zelle Account Transfer:

·        Name: TreasurerT131

·        Email:

·        That is TreasurerT131 just to reiterate the “T131” aspect.

·        Please put in the notes what activity you are paying for.

Zelle is the easiest and most seamless.



Parents, we need your help!  It takes a lot to keep this troop together and active.  Even if you don’t have time to be in one of the more active positions, there some one-off tasks.  Please consider volunteering to one of the activities below:

We need help with:


Car Wash

o   The troop has been able to cover or defer many of the costs over the last two years of Covid, while we are still in good shape financial, this has depleted our reserves.

o   Therefore, it is time for a fundraiser, we are looking for an adult to help organize this effort.

o   We’ve had good luck with these in the past and have supplies and can probably do it at the church. If you’re willing to organize it for us, please contact Mr. Jahns.


Health Forms

o   We need an audit of the troop health forms and reconcile with our current roster.

o   The forms need to be updated every year.

o   We need to a volunteer to review the box and contact parents if we need an updated form.

We also need adult volunteers:

·        To sit on the committee and be available for Board of Reviews

·        Additional ASM’s to go on camping trips

·        High Adventure and Jamboree Planning- we are in the beginning stages of putting together a long-range high adventure/jamboree calendar for next two years and for the “big trips”. Nothing is set in stone right now, but these trips take a long time to plan, and fund raise and below is what we are considering.  We need a volunteer to help explore interest, logistics and ultimately to help with the planning.


SCHEDULE: One Month(ish) Look Ahead

Monday, August 8th – Troop Meeting – 7:00 PM – Immanuel Church on the Hill

Friday August 12th 14th – Horseback Riding- Red Gate Farm

Monday, August 15th – Troop Meeting- 7:00 PM (BoR) – Immanuel Church on the Hill

Saturday August 20th – Architectural Walking Tour DC (Architectural Merit Badge)

Monday, August 22nd – First Day of School- Troop Meeting- 7:30 PM (PLC)– Immanuel Church on the Hill

Saturday August 27th – Youth Leadership Training- Immanuel Church on the Hill (upper conf. room)

Monday August 29th – Court of Honor- Family Picnic

Monday, Sept. 5th – No Troop Meeting – Federal Holiday



Bring your Mask and uniform!  Bring your Book, Bring a headlamp!  Leave your phone in your pocket! and have a good time!

Blue Cards!  Did you know that your Scoutmaster can email you a blue card?  Just send me Mr. Ramirez an email (!  Note that the SCOUT must request the blue card, not the parent!

See you all at the troop meeting.



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