Who: Everyone in Troop 131 is invited!
What: NCAC Climbing and hiking weekend
When: Fri 6 Oct- MONDAY 9 Oct 2024 LONG WEEKEND EVENT
Where:  Camp Mountaineer near Morgantown, WV.
Why: Climb to the sky
Cost: $40/ person
*** This is a Pre-Pay Event, if you sign up we need to collect money from you now, even if you have to cancel later ***

Scouts love the Outdoors!
This event was a huge success last year. So much so, that they have added another full day, and way more events.
However, because it is so popular, they have limited spaces. I was able to reserve spots for 20 Scouts and 6 adults. I might be able to get more if you sign up now. BUT- I have to have full names, birthdates, etc. before 10 June or we lose the rest of our spots. So, yes, I get it, it isn’t until October, but it will be terrific, so if your Scout wants to do climbing this year, please please please sign up now, before 10 June, so we don’t lose our spots.
As always, info and sign up sheet:
  • Climbing on natural rock

  • 60-foot climbing tower

  • Bouldering on gritstone walls

  • Guided challenge course

  • Big Zip quarter-mile zipline

  • Rifle, shotgun, and archery

  • Dutch oven cooking class

  • Advancement programs


And of course, there is a Merit Badge!!!!

Rock climbing merit badge.jpg

Forms- What we need from you

  • I will need a signed BSA permission slip for each scout (form attached)
  • I will also need a completed BSA medical form for each participant  Scouts and Adults (Goshen ones count as well).
  • Payment- check made out to  “BSA Troop 131” , or if you want to use some funds in your Scout Account, please let the Treasurer know: Treasurer@T131.org

There is a Rock Climbing Merit Badge!  Click the merit badge below for info, and then see Scoutmaster Ramirez for a Blue Card if you are interested.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Brendan Mulvaney
Outings Coordinator
Boy Scout Troop 131

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