Registration Fees 
This time of year is when the troop renews our registration with the BSA and generally collects our annual program fee for each scout and volunteer. That scout fee is $120 for each scout to cover what we pay the BSA, Scout Life magazine subscription, insurance and a small portion remains with the troop to help cover programming costs. Our volunteers each pay $47 which is what we are charged to register them.
In recognition of all of you sticking with Troop 131 through the last couple of trying years and continuing to be flexible as we had to adapt our program to the constantly changing situation, our troop committee has voted to waive the registration fees for this year. Luckily our troop is in a good financial position to pull this off and show our gratitude for our scouts and their families.
Calendar Change
Due to some calendar conflicts, our upcoming Court of Honor is being moved to Monday, March 28th (was the 7th) at Immanuel – sorry for any inconvenience. All scouts and families are invited and encouraged to come to this event where we recognize the accomplishments of all of our scouts since our fall Court of Honor.
Troop Contact List
Wondering who is cooking for your patrol on the next camping trip? What the SPL has planned for this week’s meeting? How to get that blue card you need? What were the answers to Mr. Jahns’ President’s Day Scout trivia questions?
What you need is attached – a complete contact list for all Troop 131 scouts and volunteers.
Please note:
    • This is to be used for troop business only, please don’t share outside the troop
    • Remember that any e-mail to or from a scout must include their parent on the CC line
    • If you have corrections or additions to this list send them to me (

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