What a great day, I know that this is premature, but it feels like spring is just around the corner.



We will have an in-person meeting Monday at 7:30 at Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill.

Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill– Parish Hall

3606 Seminary Rd, Alexandria, VA 22304

The parish hall is behind the main sanctuary, from the parking lot, just keep walking around on the sidewalk and you will see the entrance up the hill a bit.



Just a reminder from last week, we are going to ask all scouts to keep their phones in their pockets and only utilize them when necessary, such as, calling or texting your parents. You should think of your scout time as an electronic free period … believe it or not, we all need more of this!

Adult leaders and parents, can I ask that you help reinforce this.



Daren Devlin hosted a Goshen parent meeting last week. I believe we have 9 scouts signed up already and a few others that have indicated they are coming but not yet signed up.

The Merit badge registration opens on March 31st, and we want to get the scouts into the system well before that time.  In this way, we have a fighting chance to get them the activities they want as some of the favorites; shooting sports, aquatics, first aid, etc. fill up very quickly.

Please click on the link below to start the process.

Goshen Registration Link:



See email message below from your Outdoors Coordinator, Mr. Mulvaney!  From what I understand, the troop did a version of this trip several years ago (before my time) and it has almost a mythic status.  This certainly is one not to miss!


Our next campout will be 11-13 March.  We are going horseback riding!  So saddle up for a great time!

We will be riding with Red Gate Farm out in Bluemont, VA (near the site of the famous “Wind” campout)

We want to get as much of the Troop out to this one as possible, so we are going to cover much of the cost of the trip.  With the T-131 discount, it will just be $40 per Scout for all of the instruction and all of the riding necessary to complete the Horsemanship Merit Badge. Remember- You Can Use Scout Accounts to pay for this.  Check with the Treasurer for your Scout’s current balance.  All you have to do is sign up!!!


BUT YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP!!!  Because we are using a company to provide horses and instructors, this trip there are no last-minute changes.  We want everyone available to go, it’ll be a great time.  So, sign up BEFORE MARCH 9th.

The boys need to wear long pants and sturdy shoes with a heel!


CAMPING – Equipment    

We are working to get the shed over to our new home. In the interim and for this camping trip, if you need equipment, please email me directly (copy a parent) and I will stop by the shed before our Monday troop meeting and pick up what you need.  I will give it to you at the meeting so that you can put in your pack.


SCHEDULE: One Month Look Ahead

Monday March 7th – Troop Meeting – Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill

Friday March 11th-13th – Camping – Horseback Riding- Red Gate Farm

Monday March 14th – Troop Meeting – (PLC) – Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill

Monday March 21st – Troop Meeting – (BoR) – Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill

Monday March 28th – Court of Honor – Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill

Monday April 4th – Troop Meeting – Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill


Wear your Mask and uniform!  Bring your Book, Bring a headlamp!  Leave your phone in your pocket! and have a good time!

Blue Cards!  Did you know that your Scoutmaster can email you a blue card?  Just send me Mr. Ramirez an email (!  Note that the SCOUT must request the blue card, not the parent!

See you all at the troop meeting.

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