We are starting our annual holiday wreath sales fundraiser…RIGHT NOW!!!
Sales period is RIGHT NOW through Monday, October 24, when we will collect the orders and payments at the regularly scheduled meeting.
We have 3 ways to sell:
     1. In-person (door to door)
     2. Direct ship (via the triplicate form)
     3. Online (via Evergreen’s Friends and Family store, using our troop’s codes)
For the in-person sales, we have three types of payments we can collect:
     1. Cash
     2. Check (made out to BSA Troop 131)
     3. Square (via the QR codes on the wreath description sheet)
Note: If a customer pays via the QR codes, they can purchase multiples of the same type of wreath, but need to do a different transaction for each different type of wreath they purchase. For example, they can use one transaction to purchase 2 (or more) of the Voyageur wreaths, but will need to do 2 different transactions to purchase 1 Voyageur wreath and 1 Lake Superior wreath.
Attached to this e-mail are the documents I handed out last night, for anybody who wasn’t at the meeting or who wants to print out extra copies.
Don’t forget that orders and payments are due Monday, October 24!
Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions:

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